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Demon Slayer Nezuko PS4 Controller Skin

Demon Slayer Nezuko PS4 Controller Skin

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PS4 Controller Skin: exciting cool designed skin stickers to decorate and customise your PlayStation 4 Dualshock Controller.
  • Precision Cut & Full Coverage: exact fit to your PS4 controller
  • No residue or damage on removal: our skins, made from 3M vinyl peel off without leaving any sticky residue or goo behind on your PS4 and will not damage the controller
  • Protection: skins act as a protective outer layer for your PS4 controller to prevent any scratches, small dings and minor drops. Does not offer shock absorbency

*This purchase does not include a PS4 controller but rather a sticker to customise the appearance of your controller.

Package contents:

  • 1x PS4 Controller skin


  • Category: Skins
  • Compatibility: PS4
  • Model: Demon Slayer Nezuko Design
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